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keysun Antirust VCI Tablet

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KEYSUN VCI TABLETS are tablets of compressed VCI powder mixed with crystals that reduce fragility. The active VCI product has an extremely high concentration, equal to 85/90%.
KEYSUN VCI TABLETS provide a high protective power. The inhibiting VCI molecules act by saturating the inside of the package and guarantee long-lasting and constant sublimation.
KEYSUN VCI TABLETS are particularly suitable for integrating and enhancing the anti-corrosive action of the KEYSUN VCI products.
Furthermore, thanks to the small sizes, they can be positioned in the most hidden and difficult to protect points.
They are essentially extremely suitable for protecting the metallic content of bags or small containers. They are the ideal solution for automatic packaging.

How to use:
Put VCI tablet in Cartons, Plastic bags or wooden boxes and keep the containers closed.
Keep the distance between VCI tablet and wrapped metal parts and components within 300mm.
The recommendation dosage 300g/CBM. The rust/corrosion inhibiting can last 24 months if it is used correctly.
Storage / Shelf Life
Storage: Store indoors at moderate temperatures5—35 C. Keep packing closed and store away from heat sources, in dry and cool place.
Materials should be kept in original packaging or equivalent during storage.
Shelf Life: up to 18 or 24 months, when stored indoors at moderate temperatures.